Vue Formly

Heavily inspired by Angular Formly, Vue Formly was designed to provide an easy way to keep your forms consistent and to remove bloat from your code. As there's no "one way" to design your forms, Vue Formly allows you to create custom input types which you can use in your form schemas. Vue Formly itself does not come with any inputs pre-loaded but a set of Bootsrap form inputs can be installed at Vue Formly Bootstrap

These docs are for v2

Vue Formly 2.x is only compatible with Vue 2.x. If you want to use Vue Formly with Vue 1.x check out the V1 docs and be sure to specify the latest 1.x version when installing ( e.g. npm install [email protected] ).

these docs are a work in progress!!

So make sure to check back regularly as I'm still updating them.

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